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1. The links between topics, people, events and memories no matter how thinly strung or tightly wound that make even the most outlandish connections possible—e.g., a random sound/smell/taste that thrusts someone back to a memory that otherwise would have never been exhumed; two unrelated children born with a unified consciousness; a grandmother’s ring and its connection to genocide. 

2. A character turns volatile with the mention of strawberries; a woman faints whenever she enters a church; every Tuesday night, a man bursts from sleep screaming a mantra. What is the common thread for these people and their situations, respectively or collectively? Is it something rooted deep within them like a predisposition, or is it something new that is spreading infectiously? Is there a pattern being sewn at all and if so, what is the trigger?  What is it that is holding them together, or rather, what part of them is threadbare?

3. Reparation. What we feel compelled to fix, salvage, make whole again.

Referring to either the prompts above or your own implications, create a story that is somehow representative of the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, or metaphorical threads that tether relationships, brief encounters, material items, and/or ourselves together, etc..